Friday, September 21, 2012

Life At The Wallace After Week #1

Yesterday marked our first full week of service at The Wallace!   The reception from the neighborhood has been awesome – we so appreciate the support.  It’s been a long week – I won’t lie, and when Monday came and the restaurant was closed, I took a 5 hour nap and ate a bowl of Goya yellow rice (don’t judge, it’s salty and fantastic!) 

The Wallace Kitchen Team, from left: Brandon, Jon, Ashaun, Ashley
We did have a few hiccups along the way – yesterday our bathroom door handle broke and while a server was trying to fix it he locked himself in the bathroom!  He had to take the door off the hinges to get out – oops! We fixed the door by 6:30 – but I was a little nervous (OK, I was freaking out and had to pee so bad I ended up at Hanson Dry (an awesome bar) next door).  I also was up Sunday at 5AM washing napkins for Sunday service – we were out and our laundry doesn’t deliver on Sunday! It was me and the homeless people, who were totally checking me and my restuarant napkins!   Also, our meat grinder broke yesterday so our sous chef Ashaun had to hand grind ever burger that was sold on Wednesday (thx Ashaun, you are the best!).  I also couldn't balance my books for about three days and had a come to Jesus moment with my Quickbooks - but, I whipped out my old accounting textbook (yes, I kept it) and figured it out! 
 There were also the good things, like Jon’s brother and sister surprising us on opening night and his niece downing her cheese smothered broccoli, someone telling me that the pork chop was in the top 5 they had ever eaten, seeing someone come back two times in one week… I could go on and on.  

The Wallace Burger & broccoli
Happiness at The Wallace

 This weekend we are starting brunch at The Wallace! Saturday and Sunday from 10am-3:30pm!  Come down and get a Wallace Bloody Mary – house made Bloody Mary mix with Brooklyn Vodka – YUM or our homemade English Muffins, or duck confit hash.  

Duck Confit Hash
Eggs Benedict with house made English muffins

House-Smoked Salmon Platter
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Jessica & Jon
So as we head towards the weekend, we are finding our stride, and we invite all those, near and far, to come down to The Wallace and hang out with me and Chef Jon.  We are always there!  

Also - I just got wind that a new French place called The Three Letters is opening up a few blocks down at Grand and Fulton.  We are excited that there is another restaurant opening in the area and they seem to share my sentiment for good service (aka no hipster service)!  Excited for the neighborhood!

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