Monday, August 6, 2012

Week Three – Signage!

Ok, so I’m trying to remember what I promised you all I would report on from last week... the days run together and so much is happening so quickly—I want to make sure you all are a part of it.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but I’m just taking it one day at a time, a loop runs through my head of “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”  So I do, do, do, then fall asleep making a mental list of what I didn’t do that has to be done tomorrow.  I’m a bit stressed and tired and I keep looking at our bank account balance going down, but the little successes and support we have from all of you is what keeps me going.

The updates:

1. We have a new and improved website!
A big thank you to Adam Bjork (my Swedish friend) who designed the website and basically cracked open my head and designed the site exactly as I would have if I had the talent!  We are truly appreciative.  He has his own company ADMM, so check him out at

A big thank you Daniel Shortell, who manages the site, got us set up, laid out the framework, and performs the (millions of) requested content edits.  

Also, the website has our new and improved MENU!  Check out what you can expect for fall at The Wallace.

2. We have a Facebook page!  Chances are if you read this blog you have already liked our Facebook page (because I begged you!), but if you haven’t – get on it!

3. Construction update – it keeps coming down! Walls are being plastered, the bar is being made, change is happening and we have our awning!!!!

I hope you all are hungry, I know I am!

Breaking news – I think we have a sous chef!  More on that next week.