Friday, July 20, 2012

Transforming into The Wallace – Week #1

What a week! When we were last together I asked you to send good vibes our way that we would sign our lease Monday – well you all must have been working overtime because we did!  We have keys and we are in!!  919 Fulton Street – here we ARE!  

The Wallace

 After long last, we are in the space.  HORRAY!  And now here comes the hard part – we walk into the space and it has no electricity, hot water, or gas.  Plus, its covered in dust and some sort of stickiness, the roaches are the size of your big toe, and there is so much debris it looked like a scene from Horders.  But we get to work.  

In a week we have managed to do the following:

1.       Turned on the electricity.  This was team effort – Jon was stationed at the restaurant all day Wednesday waiting for them – but I spent 3 hours on the phone with them getting an appointment and filling out all the paperwork!  A little note – getting a commercial account is not as easy as getting a residential account, there is paperwork and proof of legal status required.  PLUS, Coned union was on a lockout – so all the soft managers were working, I’m lucky we got a meter at all.
2.       Dishwashers are coming!  Jon negotiated a knock out deal with dishwashing company Auto-Chlor!  Two new dishwashers are on their way (will help with the sticky!)
3.       Our awning is GONE! Waiting to be replaced with a new one and our new logo!  (I hope to debut this next week).  We still have the old restaurant name located on the window (uggg, they had a decal), we are hoping to get these off shortly, but it requires a massive amount of heat.  I tried to get it off with a hairdryer, yeah, that didn’t work.)
4.       We have a new water heater!  Listen up NYC Health dept – we have a 75 gallon 75btu water heater, all we need for sparking clean (and sanitary dishes).
5.       We have gas! With which to run our water heater!  National Grid not only required a form to be filled out, but a deposit – sigh. 
6.       We have pulled 6 tons of trash out of the restaurant – 10 roaches, 2 mice, and countless fruit flies. Jon and I spent days and nights cleaning out this restaurant and now the front half is filled with bags of garbage, ready to go out.  

The problem we are facing now is how to make the most of what the old restaurant left us.  A lot of the glass wear is unusable or mismatched – the silverware was 3 different sets matched together – it’s really frustrating.  We are also trying to sell some equipment we don’t need and get the best price on the equipment we do.  I have night sweats worrying about money. 

On the docket for next week is our loan closing – please send us those good vibes again.  Closing day is Wednesday!

Enjoy the pics!  


  1. This is all great news! Awesome!

  2. Awww this is awesome Jessica!!! Congrats you guys!!!

  3. Wow! You two are amazing. I am so excited for you.
    Now we MUST make a trip to New York. Thanks for blogging about this, I'm on the edge of my seat!