Monday, July 30, 2012

The Wallace – Week #2 – We have debt and a logo!

 Lots of good stuff last week going on!  The Wallace continues to grow and take shape and become the dream we have in our heads.

1.  We signed our small business loan!  Thanks to CAMBA and Renaissance Economic Development group – their support is essential to the success of the restaurant!
At the Renaissance Loan office holding our loan check!

2.  We have our logo!!!! A BIG thank you to Eban and Jessica Byrne who looked into Jon and my mind and gave us exactly what we are looking for.

 3. We struck a deal!  Jon went and made crazy deals for new restaurant equipment + an espresso machine.  It involved him going all the way to the Jersey shore, but the art of the deal was had.  

4. We have art (well, some art).  Jon and I hit the Brooklyn Flea market and picked up photographs and photo frames.  Look for these and more at The Wallace. 

5. We are construction ready! We have pulled out the trash, gotten rid of the old equipment, and are ready for our transformation.  See the before:

Coming up next week: Updated website, Facebook page, updated menu, and a construction update.

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