Thursday, March 8, 2012

919 Soule - We have liquor!

Hi All -- update on the 919 Soule front.

Last night I attended the Community Board 2 (CB2) Heath and Social Services meeting in Brooklyn, NY to receive approval for our liquor liscence -- GRANTED!  One step closer!

While I was there, I met the lovely NY Time Local Ft. Green / Clinton Hill Blogger Linda Villarossa.  She covered the CB2 meeting and took an interest in 919 Soule! Check out her opening article here:

We are so excited to be taking the next step in this journey -- we have encountered a few hiccups, but are conifednt we are on our way.

As promised here are the space's before pictures....

She's not much to look at now... but you just wait....we are on our way!

Stay tuned for more photos.