Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Begining

My boyfriend (Jon) and I (Jessica) live in Bushwick Brooklyn-- a neighborhood where most are Latino with the occasional smattering of white, black, and Asian.  We live together in our 2 bedroom 3rd floor walk up apt.  To sum it up, great space, cheap rent, big rats.  You take the good with the bad.

Jon is the urban chef who works at Watty and Meg in Cobble Hill Brooklyn.  Having a chef as a boyfriend is honestly one of best perks ever! but comes with some pitfalls (long hours, working every weekend and holiday, and the cooking channel is always on the TV.)  The kitchen is his home, and in our apt, it is the size of a large bathroom.  To make it work involved a lot of maneuvering, including me balancing a cabinet on my back while he screwed it into the wall.  Jon even managed to get his chef table in there (which let’s face it, in a fire, I’m not sure which one of us Jon would grab first.)

Epicurean passion is a staple of our relationship, it is this passion that brought us together.  Jon is the culinary expert, while I am the oenophile, food and wine excites us both and is a staple of our everyday lives.  This blog will be a journal of our meals together.  A place where Jon can highlight and post his recipes and for my color commentary on why we are eating what, wine pairings, etc.  We may even get a little crazy and review restaurants we have just eaten at.  It will also be an outlet for me to share a bit about life, relationship, friends, and career (but I promise, it will always be delicious!)

So sit back, relax… get hungry. 


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  1. Very cute Jessica! I love it! You and Jon look very happy : ) Enjoy....